Great Build

Would like to thank the team at focus homes for all there support in building at the time our dream home, we set the challenge of a tight budget and a short time line to complete the build. Joe and his team were very up front and across the detail from our very first meeting all the way to the end of the build. We have just sold our home recently and all the feedback from t Save he buyers was how impressed they were with the quality of the build and the design of the home. We highly recommend focus homes for a home builder as they will work within your budgets and design guide lines to help achieve your family dream. Thank you again to the team.

Had a Great Experience

Built 2 homes with Focus and must say it was a great experience. Both homes were top quality, flexibility with the build was awesome compared to major competitors (as explained by neighbours and friends). I also found all staff very good to deal with. The first home sold very quickly and continue to live in the second one built. Thank you Focus Home for a great experience.

Still great service almost 4 years on

The service even 3 and a half years on from our 2012 build has been outstanding. Joe Navan, the owner has always made himself available for any after build issues (which were extremely minimal) but none the less we were treated as though we mattered before, during and after completion of our home. His team was amazing throughout the entire process as well and continue to be many years after. Our experience with FOCUS was amazing. My husband is in the building game now and some of the stories he tells me are horrible. I am so glad that we chose FOCUS to build our beautiful 2 storey family home. It is everything we imagined and more. And all at a great price well within out budget at the time. After my experience I would highly recommend FOCUS. I recommended Joe and his team to my close friend and she built with them too. She was also very happy with the flexibility, price and workmanship that FOCUS provided for her.

Our “Dream Home” became reality

I would recommend Focus Homes to anyone. Flexibility was provided as I changed my mind a couple of times through the build: extra costs was discussed in advance as I chose products that weren’t in my original price range and I was very happy that my expectations were met. The journey of building your own home is very challenging however with Focus homes it was very rewarding. The products were great, the build was good and the staff are very helpful. When you have chosen Focus Homes make sure that you are clear & honest with your expectations and that you do have a budget. (Modern & quality products do cost). I had a pleasant & exciting journey with Focus homes and now, enjoying every minute in my dream home….

Was really a great build

We built in Oran park town, we are very happy with the whole build we got a very beautiful split level home with a triple garage and they were very flexible, not every build will go perfect but the only thing we had to get fixed was the gyprock joint in the hall way and paint touch ups, but that was fixed quite quickly.
I can say I will build again with them when the time is right.