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Sydney’s Specialists in Split Level Home Design 

Sloping Block? A Split Level Home Could Be the Solution! 

A split level home design is a fantastic way to harness the benefits of a sloping block. Rather than fighting against the slope, our sloping block floor plans let you make the most of this natural feature. The result is a beautiful and unique family home.

What’s more, a split level floor plan can give your family all the space you need. Working with our experienced split level home builders, you can turn your sloping block into a stunning home that blends function with creative flair.

Live in comfort, entertain with ease, and enjoy family life in your impressive split level home!

Why Choose a Split Level Home Design? 

While building on a sloping block comes with its own challenges, these can be solved with intelligent split level designs. That’s where our experienced home builders come in! So you can take advantage of your sloping block, with a beautiful split level home that ticks all the boxes.

Here are some of the ways our inspired split level floor plans can turn a sloping block into your dream home:

  • Our split level designs can create a more impressive facade
  • Benefit from higher ceilings in the lower areas of your home
  • Split level floor plans let you capture the view and make the most of your outlook
  • Increase the functionality of your block by connecting indoor and outdoor areas. Entertaining is a breeze!
  • Split level home designs can reduce the cost of levelling a highly sloped block


Sydney’s Most Flexible Split Level Home Builders 

At Focus Homes, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our home designs. Not only do we offer a great range of premium split level designs for sloping blocks, but we can also tailor a design to suit your family’s needs.

Discover our flexible split level floor plans and let us create a family home you’ll all love living in. Contact Focus Homes today to discuss a split level home design that meets your needs.

More Information on Split Level Home Designs

For tips and advice on building your dream home on a sloping block, scroll down to view our resources on split level home designs. And to find out how to choose the perfect floor plan for your sloping block, check out this article.

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