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Our Process

Stage 1 – Design meeting

* Initial meeting between clients and Focus Homes designer.

* Client brings all documentation related to the building block as well as hand sketched drawings of the design they are proposing to have built.

* Focus Homes designer then takes all the information and prepares an initial floor plan layout and returns to client for approval within a few weeks.

* Once the floor plan layout has been approved by client the Focus Homes designer then moves on to the preparation of the facade.

* Once facade has been approved, plans are then emailed to the estimating department for a quotation to be produced.

Stage 2 – Quotation Process

* Once plans have been received, they are emailed out to our suppliers for quoting.

* Client to provide a wish list of inclusions. If no list is provided, Focus Homes will quote the job based on our Gold range specification.

* This process takes 5-6 weeks.

Stage 3 – Tender Presentation

* Once the Tender has been prepared, you will be contacted by our sales representative to attend a Tender presentation meeting where the Tender is explained in detail as to what has and hasn’t been included.

* This is also a good time for the client to ask any questions that they might have.

* Once the Tender price and inclusions have been agreed, we can then move on to Contract signing.