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Stylish Duplex Designs in Sydney

Get More From Your Land With a Duplex

If you want to find the best dual occupancy house plans in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place! We can help you maximise your land potential with a stylish duplex design – whether you’re choosing a duplex for investment or want to get the best land value with a dual occupancy home.

Our duplex floor plans are the ideal solution for dual occupancy living, not to mention a great way to add value to your property and boost your return on investment! We have a wide range of beautiful single storey and double storey duplexes, so you can be sure you’ll find the best duplex floor plan for your needs.

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a dual occupancy property. This means you have two dwellings which share one or more structural walls, but can be sold as separate homes under individual titles. As a result, a duplex lets you maximise your land value with two homes on a single block.

Why Choose a Duplex Design?

Think a dual occupancy home is only for investment purposes? Think again! There are many benefits to building a duplex. More and more families want to help their adult children move into the housing market, or need to provide support to independent older family members.

And of course, there’s the financial benefit. Most of us know that duplex homes can be a great way to subsidise your income by renting out one or both dwellings. You may even want to build purely for resale purposes.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing a duplex design from Focus Homes:

  • A duplex lets you double the equity in your property
  • With our clever duplex floor plans, both owners and tenants enjoy maximum privacy
  • Our stylish duplex facades are designed for better street appeal and resale value
  • We offer dual occupancy designs for both single storey and double storey duplex homes
  • A practical duplex floor plan provides low-maintenance living
  • Our duplex home designs cater to both small and large blocks, and offer great storage options

Discover a Better Dual Occupancy Design for Your Duplex

As experienced duplex builders in Sydney, we understand how to create the best duplex floor plan for your home. Our creative home plans offer simplicity and privacy for dual occupancy living, while providing a stylish duplex design with real street appeal.

And if it’s flexibility you’re after, we can work with you to customise our duplex designs, creating the perfect space for investment, renting or living. Get more from your land with one of our stunning duplex floor plans – contact us today and begin your journey.

More Information on Duplex Home Designs

A duplex is a great way to double your equity and get the most out of the land you own. Check out these great resources on duplex home design to learn more about dual occupancy properties.

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