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Double Storey Home Design in Sydney 

Double Storey Homes, Designed for Modern Families

Dreaming of effortless family living? A double storey home offers the perfect balance of space, privacy and comfort. And that’s why our two storey floor plans are the ideal choice for modern families, with everything you need for practical living and easy entertaining.

As experienced double storey home builders, we create versatile home designs that let families live, work and play in harmony. Our two storey designs have a beautiful flow, combining seamless open plan living downstairs with extra privacy above.

So your two storey home gives you the best of both worlds…

Why Choose a Double Storey Home Design? 

A double storey home offers all kinds of great benefits, from making the most of limited space to adding street appeal and wow factor.

Not sure if a double storey home is right for you? Here are our top reasons for choosing a double storey design:

  • A double storey floor plan lets you build a larger home on a smaller block
  • You can maximise outdoor space, with more room for a lawn or a yard for the kids
  • Double storey designs offer open plan living downstairs and privacy upstairs
  • Two storey homes have impressive street appeal and a distinctive look
  • The upper storey allows you to enjoy any available views
  • Make the most of light and cross-ventilation over two storeys

Your Trusted Double Storey Home Builders in Sydney

At Focus Homes, our flexible double storey floor plans mean you get an ideal fit for your family’s needs. We offer adaptable two storey designs that cater to both narrow and wide blocks, as well as irregular-shaped plots.

Building a home on a sloping block? Take a look at our fantastic split level home designs.

And because we know that every family is unique, we can even tailor your double storey design to create a custom two storey home that’s perfect for you.

Are you ready to take the first step towards building the double storey home of your dreams?  Well, our friendly team are here to help! Contact us today and find out more about our beautiful two storey floor plans. 

More Information on Double Storey Home Designs 

To help you choose the perfect double storey home for your family, check out our two storey home designs or see below for resources on how to choose the perfect floor plan.

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